Device Fixes Slow Wi-Fi

Device Fixes Slow Wi-Fi

This is how thousands of people in Lebanon are getting superfast home internet for cheap...

If your internet Wi-Fi feels like it's gotten slow, we can explain why it has gotten worse!

It is most likely because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you a weak router that is slowing down your internet speed. They usually give you a cheap router that gets slower over time.

This is a common trick they use to make you upgrade your plan and pay more money.

Unfortunately, by giving you their 'cheapest' router it can be a struggle to even watch HD videos on Youtube or Netflix.

Slow Internet Can Be Frustrating for Everyone

When your internet is slow you will get stuck with loading and buffering screens that make it almost impossible to do anything.

We Have Good News! It's Now Easy To Fix

There is a new device that fixes all your frustrating WiFi problems!

This Tiny Device Easily Fixes Slow Internet!

Thanks to brilliant engineer with an obsession to solve this problem, we can all now enjoy faster internet for cheap.

While working he noticed a very common and deceptive practice that was going on. Customers were given weaker routers, resulting in slower internet for many hours of the day.

When this was done often many customers would call into upgrading their plans.

This deception leads to more money for the company, it didn't seem right to him.

So, he created a device that strengthens and boosts the Wi-Fi signal across any house. At the same time, it greatly increases the range and speed of anyone existing home WiFi.

How Does The Device Work?

Part of the problem is that internet companies give us their cheapest WiFi routers...

As a result, you are left with weak WiFi and really bad coverage that leaves you with 'wifi dead spots' in your home...

But, plug a Range XTD device into any socket, and that all fixed!

Range XTD is essentially a cutting-edge wifi supercharger and a powerful amplifier, all in one tiny box.

It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, boosting it, and then transmitting the super-amplified Wi-Fi through anything; concrete walls, multiple floors, and steel beam - no problem!

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely 100% YES!!! I have a few and recommend you pick a few as well. I now even get fast internet in the garage. You and your family will enjoy the faster internet and better coverage.

Bottom line: If you are tired of having slow internet and want faster internet without spending a fortune then this one-time purchase is a must!


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